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Things We Do Better
Than Other Rental Properties!

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Things We Do Better
Than Other Rental Properties!

Courtesy, Care & Thoughtfulness

We greet you IN PERSON to hand over the keys, no fumbling in the dark looking for a lockbox. We make sure you are familiar with the home and grounds – no guesswork or searching for a light switch or remote!

With top-grade cleaning and sanitation in place, we also empty the cabinets and run ALL dishes, glasses, and utensils through the dishwasher to clean and sterilize after each guest. Our cleaning crew CLEANS AND SANITIZES after each guest. Every surface is free of germs and viruses as a safe, organic, hospital-grade disinfecting material is used.

We have all your personal-care products covered, from shampoo and conditioner to bath soap in every shower, your own toothbrush and toothpaste, and even Q-tips and makeup removers – enough to ensure you don’t run out.

We have a full-time maintenance person dedicated only to Casa De Mayan, and no other rental property!

We are the only rental property once owned by David Cassidy, the Partridge Family superstar who lived most of the last years of his life at Casa De Mayan, which maintains many of his artifacts and belongings. We also work to preserve his legacy in the home – including a beautiful, large bronze plaque now affixed to an outside wall by the bougainvillea vine he lovingly cared for.

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