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Celebrity Luxury Homes

Celebrity Luxury Homes

America is known for making everything bigger and flashier. From our cities to our statues, and certainly our homes, there is no shortage of desire in people to appear to be living above their means. One of the growing industries to permit the notion of this lifestyle is renting celebrity luxury homes in all locations where such a place is available. From South Florida to Alaska, and everywhere in between, people are seeking a high-end abode to live out their dream vacation, with style and class. Casa de Mayan is exactly one of these types of celebrity luxury homes.

  • The Residence:

With a lush landscape on the grounds surrounding this fantastic house, the floorplan seeps class in every inch of our one of a kind environment. Upon first walking into our grandiose grounds, the overall view of palm trees and tropical architecture engages you and delivers exactly the feeling we promise to provide when renting celebrity luxury homes: tranquility.

There are six rooms individually set up to host you and your loved ones on the date of your choosing. The Casa de Mayan holds two master suites on its second floor, each one stocked with any essential item our clients would need for a stay away from home. There is also an additional room that meets our exceptional quality standards, only lacking in its own private balcony that overlooks the pool and beautiful Lake Mayan. On the first floor have three separate suites that are offered to accommodate the next family looking for a getaway in one of the top celebrity luxury homes. These three, as well as the rest of our suites and rooms, all have their own unique design and specific amenities. While some have bigger beds or additional seating for social engagements, we even have one room that is built to cater toward those in need of an office at their home away from home. View our website or follow each of the accompanying links to inquire about room availability and view additional photos for all of the following suites or rooms.


  • The History:

This luxurious estate is known as a celebrity home because in it once resided former singer and actor David Cassidy. It goes without saying that Mr. Cassidy desired the best in celebrity luxury homes, wanting one that supplemented his celebrity status. That is precisely what he found at Casa de Mayan. David Cassidy is best known for his running role as father Keith Partridge in the musical sitcom The Partridge Family. Also having significant roles in a large number of projects throughout most of the 1970’s, David Cassidy released his own music under the same name, playing to sold-out crowds around the country and world.

  • The Location:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a city known for its tropical weather and beautiful beaches. At once a stay in the party and Spring Break culture, the city of Fort Lauderdale has long since modernized itself for its massive tourist industry, accommodating more family-oriented vacationers. Casa de Mayan is found next to the stunning Mayan River, allowing its visitors immediate access to waterfront views and the surrounding active events in the same area. With the Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment District neighboring Casa de Mayan, there is not a time of day, nor a time of year where some form of show or exhibit is not taking place. This prime real estate is exactly what makes the entire experience of staying in celebrity luxury homes and at Casa de Mayan a memorable experience, not a run-of-the-mill vacation.

Celebrity Luxury Homes

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