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David Cassidy Museum

David Cassidy Museum

The late David Cassidy unfortunately passed away recently. His legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of his legions of fans though. His former estate is now being used as a luxury vacation rental that also acts as a David Cassidy Museum. It is full of memorabilia uniquely accumulated during his touring years and life and now exists as the beautiful Casa de Mayan.

In honor of Cassidy and his life work a home that he once lived in has been converted into a David Cassidy Museum of sorts. When David Cassidy lived here he called it his retreat. When it was auctioned off it was bought by two of his most adoring fans and they proceeded to create a sort of David Cassidy shrine so that everyone who stays at Casa de Mayan can live like a rock star. David Cassidy was a rock star in his heyday and sold his mansion two years ago, but it still looks like he lives there. Since being purchased by two of his fans it has now become a luxurious rental known as Casa de Mayan and stands as a David Cassidy Museum and shrine to his career.

Casa de Mayan has been preserved almost exactly as his former home and includes such memorabilia as David Cassidy’s first RCA record released in 1975 hanging in its original place and is now available for all to sleep in. Cassidy’s former piano sits in Casa de Mayan’s foyer and every room has framed concert posters on display along with pictures from his famous TV show The Partridge Family. Another piece of memorabilia is the original The Partridge Family lunchbox, which became the most successful lunchbox in history.

David Cassidy’s career took off the same time as such stars as The Beatles, The Monkees, and other major Rock n’ Roll music groups. He had his own elevated status along with the well-known groups from that era. In addition to the popular board games and merchandise, there are personal effects like a picture of Cassidy holding his favorite guitar in front of the pool in Casa de Mayan’s beautiful backyard. There is even a plate that was made and autographed by his young son Beau Cassidy on display.

Casa de Mayan is, in fact, more than just a David Cassidy Museum. It provides a luxury rental experience with a variety of rooms and suites that offer an extensive amount of amenities. The rooms, as such, are listed here:

Visit our website to view a full gallery of all of these beautiful rooms and to see the unique design that makes every room its own special place. Contact Us to find out more about Casa de Mayan or to check for availability and to make an appointment to visit and stay with us.

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David Cassidy Museum

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