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4 Tips to Pick the Perfect Luxury Holiday Rental

Fort Lauderdale Luxury Holiday Rental

What would make one Fort Lauderdale luxury holiday rental stand out from the rest? In a state surrounded by water, waterside rentals are typically the desired preference. The overall size of the rental is another important factor that can make or break a luxury villa. The home comforts and amenities are just as important as the size and if you’re like us then the decor is another thing to consider. Let’s break all this down in more detail and go over how to choose the perfect Fort Lauderdale luxury holiday rental to make your ordinary vacation extraordinary.

4 Tips to Pick the Perfect Luxury Holiday Rental

1. There is no substitute for location.

Vacations are spent enjoying the area you are in. If you are at all familiar with South Florida, then you know how much even a couple miles can change where you’re at. Be sure your rental is positioned in a great spot full of fun activities to enjoy. Keep in mind that not everything is open during holidays, so downtown areas are a great choice since they always have something going on.

2. Don’t settle for fewer rooms than you actually need.

Families are great. That doesn’t mean we all don’t still want to have a place that’s our own to escape to from time to time. Sharing rooms can make that difficult and is a common mistake known to ruin a good vacation. Make sure your rental has enough actual bedrooms for each separate party joining you. This way you don’t have to feel stressed about whether or not your peaceful reprieve will be ruined if you do need to get away.

3. Find a place where you can enjoy the outdoors without disruption.

Hotel pool areas can be fun, but there is nothing like having a backyard all to yourself. Villas with private pools and fenced in yards on the water are rare, but they do exist. This way you don’t have to worry about an annoying stranger ruining your outdoor fun. It also means not having to worry about lurking eyes during times of intimacy or tanning.

4. It’s all about the personal touch.

Many rental owners in South Florida are passionate about their place. They will go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service and personally attend to any special requests you might have. Speak with them before booking if you really want a memorable experience and you will be surprised about just how much they truly care about their visitors’ experience. And some rentals even have a rich history you would never know about if you don’t ask.

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Fort Lauderdale Luxury Holiday Rental

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