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A Family Vacation No One Will Forget

Family Vacation Rental Home in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you are daydreaming about a place in Florida for a family reunion or specifically looking for a family vacation rental home in Fort Lauderdale, there are a few ways to narrow down your search.

Vacation homes and holiday rentals are becoming the go-to choice as families get older or grow in size. Though it might have been possible to get to conjoining rooms a decade ago, hotels have their downsides.

These locations often come with more rooms, more beds, more privacy, more amenities, more comforts, and more space altogether. All of this can have a significant impact on leaving lasting memories to share with your loved ones for the rest of your lives.

So how do you choose the best holiday rental to make those memories? Here are some tips and things to consider before booking a family vacation rental home in Fort Lauderdale.

Don’t compromise on rooms.

Small rooms shared by distant family members is an easy way to ensure drama. Count how many private rooms you actually want and don’t compromise on the number.

Don’t forget to check for the number of beds in each room. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, no one prefers to sleep on the floor.

Know the actual space.

Don’t rely only on square footage – it can be deceiving. For example, a luxury rental home with high ceilings will naturally feel like there is more breathing room for everyone.

Make sure the right rooms are accessible to the right family members. If someone needs to be on the ground floor, there should be first-floor suites available.

The number of public photos says a lot.

Pay attention to all the photos of the vacation home – search everywhere. Most vacation homes will have multiple social media accounts in addition to their website.

Many properties will also have personal photos that were posted by previous visitors that are easy to find, too. Be wary of booking the rental if the photos seem outdated or there is only a limited amount.

Make sure it’s fully stocked.

The property should have everything and the kitchen sink readily available to use. Cookware, towels, linens, pillows, toiletries, and other amenities should be included.

Most of the owners pride themselves on their customer service. An easy way to check if they are for real is to request a special accommodation. If they don’t seem happy to help, move on.

Do geographical research.

Find fun activities nearby by for all ages. Just because it is a family vacation doesn’t mean you are only limited to family fun.

Research how far the nearest downtown area or beach is. Having plenty of options nearby ensures that no one gets bored.

Talk to a previous visitor.

Read the reviews – but ask for a referral. Just because a place has a five-star rating doesn’t mean it is the best choice.

Ask the booking manager if you can speak with someone that stayed their recently. This way you can get an opinion from someone who isn’t invested in the rental’s reputation.

Want to learn more? Check out these 4 tips to pick the perfect luxury holiday rental!

For more information on our family vacation rental home in Fort Lauderdale, contact Casa de Mayan.

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Family Vacation Rental Home in Fort Lauderdale

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