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Luxury Florida Rental Homes

Luxury Florida Rental Homes

There is nothing quite like spending your personal vacation in one of the premier luxury Florida rental homes. Waking up to a setting fit for a celebrity and being surrounded by countless extravagant comforts is the cherry on top of the apical experience that is traveling and vacationing in luxury Florida rental homes. Casa de Mayan is the leading provider of the aforementioned details for travelers searching for the perfect South Florida respite from the hustle and bustle that is everyday life. Setting the bar for what all should be involved in renting luxury Florida rental homes, Casa de Mayan is the pinnacle spot to spend your vacation in a classy style that supersedes all previous holiday hotel stays.

Nothing else complements spending time in the tropics of Fort Lauderdale, FL like living and sleeping like a celebrity. Casa de Mayan is one of the luxury Florida rental homes available for anyone with a desire to take their South Florida vacation to the next level. Located along the Mayan River in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL, Casa de Mayan offers a variety of room choices and flaunts a lush backyard equipped with the works. From a spa and heated pool, full-size deck, and cascading waterfall, it takes more effort to not feel relaxed than it does to melt into the luxurious ambiance that is our extravagant backyard. Big enough to accommodate as many as 16 people, we have the means to provide a dining experience for a large crowd or a set up meant for a special private dining moment. And, just in case the South Florida weather decides to turn on the rain, we made sure to provide one large stationary outdoor table fully covered to avoid the elements.

At Casa de Mayan we have six different room and suite choices that are all unique in style and designs. From our two supreme second story suites brandishing personal balconies to our work-oriented office setup equipped with a bed and desk, each of our room is organized in a manner to include all the amenities you might need during your stay. From the highest quality linens to the simplicity of common toiletries, at Casa de Mayan we promise our guests that, should you not find something you forgot or desire, our exemplary staff will personally locate the item and provide it as a part of our dedication to delivering you the best experience possible. Below is a list of our larger indoor and outdoor amenities:

  • Private Dining Room
  • Fully Stocked Kitchen
  • Large Family Room
  • Billiards Table
  • In-House Gym
  • Open Outdoor Kitchen
  • Immaculate Pool Area
  • Charming Gazebo

For a detailed view of our available rooms and suites or pictures of our outdoor facilities check out our full gallery of photos available at our website at Casa de Mayan. While there Contact Us to set up an appointment for your stay at the number one location for luxury Florida rental homes.

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Luxury Florida Rental Homes

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