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No doubt the world has changed.

Safety and security, as well as comfort and convenience, are foremost on the minds of consumers and travelers, as Covid-19 has changed so many things.

Luxury Vacation HomeBut tourists are hungrier than ever, now that the world situation has calmed, for a unique and memorable vacation.

And when it comes to being confident in the travel destination and accommodations you choose, Casa De Mayan, the former Fort Lauderdale, Florida, luxury estate of American entertainment icon David Cassidy, stands as the perfect retreat.

That’s because the 7,000-square-foot estate has always been maintained at the highest level – well before the #covid19 situation. The owners and property manager, who is dedicated only to Casa De Mayan and no other rental, have always been a step ahead of the game in practicing the type of quality care you expect in a top-class travel and tourism destination.

Luxury Vacation HomesFor instance, Casa De Mayan long ago did spring deep cleaning (which goes much further than the general daily cleaning that you give your home) – just part of our annual preparations for re-certification with the City of Fort Lauderdale. (Certification means that inspectors have ensured our property meets fire, safety, and cleanliness standards.) And of course, Casa De Mayan was certified even before the city made it mandatory.

So as you prepare your travel plans – and the earlier the better, as people are hungrier than ever for that much-needed holiday – feel free to contact us with any questions, no matter the occasion or time of year.

Also for your confidence in always keeping our guests on top of the latest happenings, Casa De Mayan has updated and freshened up its website, to:

Located on beautiful Mayan Lake, and just a short walk to beautiful beaches and waters, you can live like a celebrity while vacationing and witnessing first-hand why Mr. Cassidy loved his home so much – the reason Casa De Mayan also installed a unique, specially designed large bronze memorial plaque on an outside wall of the mansion by the lush bougainvillea Mr. Cassidy adored.

Luxury Vacation Home

Casa De Mayan now and always has aimed to give you a memorable experience – it’s just going to seem all that sweeter when you know you can be confident that where you’re staying has always been a step ahead of the game.

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