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Southeast Florida Luxury Vacation Rental

Southeast Florida Luxury Vacation Rental

Taking a vacation is supposed to be relaxing and memorable. Endless luxuries and high-class amenities are exactly what you’d expect to find at the #1 Southeast Florida luxury rental in Fort Lauderdale. There is nothing like going for a refreshing swim in your own private pool after getting some sun while looking out over the water. Especially when it comes after a busy day spent enjoying the shops, sights, and sensations found in the tropical city of Fort Lauderdale. Sound nice? Then plan to spend your next vacation at Casa de Mayan.

Casa de Mayan is a Southeast Florida luxury vacation rental located in Fort Lauderdale on the stunning Harbor Beach. The villa itself is a large waterfront mansion for rent big enough for large parties, family reunions, or even business trips. There are six separate suites and rooms available for guests to sleep in. Every room has a different layout and specific attributes highlighting its unique experience.

To read more information about the layouts of each individual suite or for more room details, Click Here.

Southeast Florida Luxury Vacation Rental | Relax & Play

One of the most impressive things about our Southeast Florida luxury vacation rental is the number of things to do nearby for every guest that joins you. Fort Lauderdale is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in America, and with good reason. Downtown Las Olas is a short walk away and has everything from natural history museums and art galleries to fine dining experiences and performing arts shows. And that is all without even mentioning the most popular destination of all: Fort Lauderdale Beach.

But it is the amenities of Casa de Mayan that truly make it such a luxurious experience. Rather than some routine hotel chain, this amazing villa sits on a private waterfront estate. There is a full-size dock with seafaring guests with boats. In the backyard, there is a private pool and hot tub. The water flows from the hot tub into the pool, creating a relaxing waterfall ambiance perfect for lazy afternoons. The landscaping is immaculate and the surroundings are stunning. What more could you ask for in your home away from home?

Inside the luxury vacation rental are more niceties to even count. There is a billiard table, grand piano, and entertain system setups to enjoy movies on. Large screen TVs are in every room and the kitchen is fully equipped with only state of the art appliances. More importantly, the beds and linens are made from the finest linens available. In fact, the hardest choice you might have is whether to relax inside or out!

Look at our Photo Gallery or take a Virtual Tour to see all of this for yourself. Our luxury vacation rental is surprisingly affordable and perfect for anyone looking for an elite level of care during their trip. Calls us at 954-302-3520 to for inquiries about pricing or availability. Be sure and read more articles and news about Casa de Mayan on our website. And if you have a more specific question, please Contact Us.

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Southeast Florida Luxury Vacation Rental

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